• La fleurière (Ruben Desiere, 2017)

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    In the back room of a flower shop, Tomi, Rasto and Mižu are digging a tunnel in order to break into the safe of the National Bank. After heavy rainfall, the underground maze gets submerged by water and they are forced to stop working.

  • Because We Are Visual (Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes, 2010)

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    In Because We Are Visual Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes immerse themselves into the world of public video journals. The Internet and its online communities intend to bring people closer together and to connect them. Yet, surprisingly, it seems that the virtual world confronts these so-calle...

  • Kosmos (Ruben Desiere, 2014)

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    “It will be difficult to continue this story of mine. I don't even know if it is a story. It is difficult to call this a story, this constant... clustering and falling apart... of elements...”
    - from Kosmos by Witold Gombrowicz

    Up until November 2013, the Gesù convent in Brussels was home to aro...